What do fairy cows do? Chew lead. Munch paper. Glug Ink. Dream big. They are an endeavor of ambitious, feisty, simple-minded fools who believe that talent, originality and sheer hard work is all it takes to make it in this world.. It is a world in which animation mingles with creativity to unlock every hidden emotion of the heart. We thrive in this fantastic world of film and animation, of color and creativity, and fantasy… Hope to make our own little pathway in this big world some day in the near or far future. Till then…sighhh..the bills just keep on piling up. And that’s where you come in. We invite you to have a look at our showreel and the list of services we offer. We, the feisty and enigmatic cows are sure to surprise you with pure creativity, perfection, deadline issues and moo moo moo. Just offer us anything and we promise to work some real magic and make you smile.